About Us

iFlyTrade is a social network and logistics platform. 

Our users are travelers and shoppers.

Our platform has a dual aim: to connect a global circle of travelers and shoppers who wish to help each other (1) to access global marketplaces, and (2) to travel the globe. 

To accomplish the first aim, shoppers add their product requests to iFlyTrade.

After that, shoppers and travelers can connect with each other directly. Travelers help shoppers buy various consumer products (e.g. computer and music equipment, smart phones, laptops, exotic food items, cosmetics, watches, toys, vitamins, and supplements, etc.) from global marketplaces, like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, and Ulta Beauty, etc. These products are usually either unavailable or too expensive in shoppers’ home countries.

To accomplish the second aim, travelers add their flight routes to iFlyTrade.

Travelers can connect shoppers by sending offers. Shoppers can directly message to travelers whose routes cover shoppers’ home countries. Travelers buy for shoppers from global marketplaces. Travelers, who agree to bring products by sharing some of their luggage space, earn extra money while traveling.

If travelers organize their luggage space well enough, it may even be possible to fly for free, and visit more dream locations with new shoppers again.

iFlyTrade empowers both travelers and shoppers.  

iFlyTrade offers an alternative e-commerce shopping experience. It is also an opportunity for closer global cooperation against unequal access to global marketplaces as well as the right to affordable travel around the world – based on the principle of friendly and open communication.

The iFlyTrader community appreciates the social, economic and environmental virtues of sharing, and supports each other. We share we care.                 iFlyTrade connects travelers & shoppers globally.